5 New homepages

A set of five new homepages have now been loaded up for your appreciation. In rolling order they are.....

1. Paddock I&C as taken by Bob Haigh on his breakout walk from lockdown last week.

2. The Holmfirth team beaten in the final of the 2018 Sub-Team KO by Brockholes B staged at Broad Oak.

3. Social Distancing already in operation in the 2018 Final of the Bistro between Marsh Utd A and Milnsbridge A held at Brockholes.

4. This photo is recorded as being the finalists in the 1989 Veterans Merit Final. Problem is that the Veterans League has never had a Merit competition. I suspect that it is the Rose Bowl finalists as only two individual knock-out competitions were being held at that time, one being the Rose Bowl and the other being the Over-70's. No doubt a member will confirm or correct my assumption and maybe they will also tell me the venue.

5. The stone figure of Hercules which used to live over the entrance to the HC&AC club which called Fartown it's home. I haven't yet dug-out the actually dates that the HC&AC bowling team played in the Veterans League but they were certainly there in 1981 when they won the Team KO. The stone figurine was rescued when Fartown closed down and then restored and now sits in the memorial garden at the John Smith Stadium. The full story of the Huddersfield Cricket & Athletic Club history will be included in the Anniversary book to be released later this year entitled 'The First 50 Years'.

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