5 New homepage photos - Bob Swan explains

Updated: May 28, 2020

24 May: New explanation of circumstances regarding Photo 3 added from Bob Swan (see below)

Time to freshen up the homepage with a new set of five photographs of local greens and Veteran's League bowlers. As you would expect the photos generate questions which we are happy to leave with you. If you want to add some answers then scroll down to the foot of this posting and leave your comments there but be aware that I don't have all the answers.

The current five homepage photos in rotating order are ...

1. Longwood green from the clubhouse, name the year (I don't know the answer). 2. The 2019 Lower Division Trophy Winner, Chris Sykes of Slaithwaite, on his way to a quarter-final win over Keith Morris at Outlane.

3. The caption that came with this Examiner photo claims that this is from the 2003 Over-80's KO Final. However, if that was correct then the pictured Frank Greenwood would now be at least 97 and although you may think he looks it and some days he will feel it no doubt, I know that he isn't. So I suspect that this is the 2003 Over-70's KO Final. Bob Swan as the sponsor and Vice-President Stanley Kaye are holding the trophies for the Final which was played at Cowcliffe Liberal Club. How many of the finalists can you identify?

4. The Syngenta team that won the 2007 Six-Man League Section A Championship.

5. The Waterloo Bowling Club dahlias in full bloom.

Bob Swan has contacted me to clarify the circumstances regarding Photo 3. He explains that there was a joint event staged on that day with the Over-80s KO Final being held in tandem with the Select Players KO hence the reason that some bowlers aged under 80 appear in the photo and hence the two trophies on display. Ronnie Norcliffe won the Select Players trophy (KO competition for Inter-District bowlers) and Roy Upton was victorious in the Over-80s Final. Thanks Bob that clears that matter up.

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