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Updated: May 22, 2020

Well, last week's 5 photos left some unanswered questions in identifying some of the bowlers from 1989. More questions for you to mull over as we refresh the homepage with another set of five and they are...

1. Huddersfield Rugby Union Football Club Bowling Club probably has the longest club name in the area and also a very nice green which you can't see from this photo that Bob Haigh took on his wanderings a couple of weeks ago. Nice bit of colour on the approach road to Lockwood Park and an unflattering view of their clubhouse.

2. An Over-70s KO qualifying round at Shepley taken in 2015 with a number of familiar faces but who is the bowler we have decapitated in this shot?

3. Not sure if this is a league match, KO tie or an individual competition so you are on your own with this one. Extra points for naming any bowlers but no points for guessing the venue is Almondbury Lib.

4. Golden Oldie time - find and name the five greens in this photograph.

5. Jason Armitage and Gordon Walker of Kirkheaton Con, the 2014 Pairs KO Winners.

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