5 New homepage photos

A new set of five homepage photographs to freshen things up and these will provoke a range of memories and scenes of local greens. Starting off with the most recent, a photograph of the top green at Greenhead Park taken this week by Bob Haigh on his daily walkabout.

In case you cannot recognise all five here they are in playing order.

1. The top green at Greenhead Park taken this week.

2. Eddie Hine of Kirkheaton C&BC receiving the 2017 Over-80's trophy, a title he was to reclaim again in 2019. Eddie is flanked by John Hoyle who was General Secretary at this time and Competition Secretary David Sykes.

3. Five young Longwood BC bowlers c1972 who all went on to feature prominently for many years in local bowling circles including all playing in the Veteran's League. Left to Right they are Peter Read, Paul Rangeley, Graham Howe, Roger Crowther and Chris Squires.

4. The distinctive clubhouse at Thongsbridge BC.

5. The teams from Milnsbridge 'A' and Newsome who contested the 2016 Bistro Final are shown the trophy by David Sykes the Competition Secretary.

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