5 New homepage images

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Time to freshen up the homepage sequence of photos with five new ones to test the memory and stir the recollections.

To help out on both those front I can disclose the current five homepage photos are:

1. Elland Cricket & Bowling Club.

2. 2018 Rose Bowl Finalists with Competition Secretary David Sykes holding the trophy with eventual winner Mick McClusky (front row right) and competition sponsor Paul Rangeley (front row left).

3. Competition Secretary Tommy Dunford showing the Team KO trophy to the captains of the two 2000 Finalists, Eric Walker (Newsome, left) and Jack Hewitt (Lindley Lib, right).

4. Lindley Liberal Club.

5. Kirkheaton Con, Section 2 Champions 2013 (Back row left to right, Ken Baxter, Jeff Jacklin, Reg Bailey, Gordon Walker, Steve Coates, Barry Wilton (front row) Jason Armitage, Mel Walker, Kenneth Broadbent, Ken Brook, Stuart Goddard

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