5 Greens, 6 new photos

I am delighted to be able to share with you six new photographs of five club greens taken in the last few days.

Our roving photographer Bob Haigh continues to walk-the-walk as he visits an increasing number of greens to bring you some excellent shots and I am also grateful to David Sykes a for a new photo of his club green at Brockholes.

Bob wandered up to Dalton and Cowcliffe to take some new angle shots and then also went to Kirkheaton where he visited both club greens. He reports that both look in good condition and a brief social-distance discussion with the greenkeeper at the Cons Club revealed that he maintains both greens in the village and has not cut either yet down to competition level but both will be ready for action as soon as the current restrictions are lifted.

If you have a recent photo of your green that you are prepared to share with our visitors the please forward it using the Contact Us link.

To avoid any confusion the five greens in running order are Kirkheaton C&BC, Dalton, Kirkheaton Cons, Brockholes, Dalton (entrance gate) and Cowcliffe.

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