4 Green opening dates updated

I am grateful to three people for updating me with dates when their club greens were first opened.

Malcolm Waddington from Meltham canvassed some elder clubmen to provide the best opening dates for their two greens. His industry has concluded that the first green opened in 1903. This is now known as the No.2 green which happened when the second green (No.1) opened in 1947.

Paul Rushworth informs me that the missing opening date for the Broad Oak green is 1910 whilst Richard Armitage of Thongsbridge tells me that the Yorkshire CCGBA Yearbook incorrectly states that their green first opened in 1918 whereas a club historian has recently uncovered the story that, although originally conceived in 1918, it didn't actually open until 1920 and is therefore celebrating it's centenary this year.

The table below is updated with this information but there are still plenty of gaps which I would like to fill. Can you help at all? Contact Us

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