36 out of 42 local greens are open to club members

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Thank you to Tommy Moseley for letting me know that the green at Lockwood Con is open to members and a booking system is in place. That takes our running total to 42 clubs that we have information on and 36 of those are now open to members.

Three of the 6 greens that remain closed are park greens and come under the jurisdiction of Kirklees Council. Greenhead Park being one of those and they have recently contacted the Council about being allowed back on the green. With the open access that the green provides club members are aware that members of the public are using the green free of charge but the club that has paid to play on it this year are not currently allowed on it.

The full up to date list of all 42 greens we have information on is below. If there are any updates to this information or if any of the missing clubs can update us then please get in touch. Contact Us

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