2020 Season decision next Monday

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The Management Committee meeting scheduled for next Monday (13th) is expected to decide the fate of the 2020 season. The latest guidance from the BCGBA has been received and we are now past the half-way point of the six-month season. Even if any of the restrictions were to be relaxed now it is difficult to see many teams being able to field a full complement of bowlers to provide a competitive competition. Prepare to expect the worse possible news on this one.

Hopefully, there will be further relaxation of the lockdown rules which will allow some friendly matches to be arranged or maybe one or two of our individual competitions may have a chance. Seems to me that the best chance of seeing any competitive bowling this year appears to rest with the introduction of the Winter league. If the rules allow then the League will start in October (or as soon as restrictions permit) and run through the Winter months.

The Management Committee are also expected to discuss their intent with the League fees for the 2020 season already paid by all our clubs. A range of other items will also be covered by the telephone conference call meeting and should any club wish an item to be added to the agenda then they should get in touch now. Either through contacting a member of that Committee or by using our contact form.

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