2 Division split for 14 teams for opening season

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

The 14 teams that will start the inaugural season of the new Winter League have been divided into two separate divisions by the Management Committee.

The criteria used to determine which teams went into which division is:

  1. Hosting clubs to play on their home green

  2. Separate teams from the same club

  3. Split based on location/travelling distance

Playing strength was not taken into account at this time with no information available on bowlers playing for any of the teams.

The two divisions are titled Division M and Division S for Milnsbridge and Springwood. The makeup of the two divisions is:

DIVISION M: Milnsbridge, Huddersfield Recreation Club B, Lowerhouses A, Meltham, Thorpe Green, Lindley BC and Dalton

DIVISION S: Springwood, Huddersfield Recreation Club A, Lowerhouses B, Denby Dale, Kirkheaton Con, Rastrick and Clayton West

With 7 teams in each division, one team in each division will have a bye each week. Each team will play each of the other 6 teams in their divisions twice in the season so taking 14 weeks from the October 6 start date.

It is envisaged that teams will then play off against their equivalently placed team from the other division. So that is 1st in Division M meeting the top team from Division S, 2nd v 2nd etc. The play-off match between the top two teams being for the overall 2020 Championship. This could even be a two-legged affair with one leg on each green and the aggregate scores over the two legs determining the overall Champion. All this will take up until the end of January 2021.

If time and the weather allows there may be a team and/or individual KO competitions as well. We are all still learning and things may change as the season progresses.

With all the team's playing records then available it will inform any thinking about setting up the league format for October 2021 when the division of teams could be based on playing records with the option to introduce promotion and relegation. Lots to happen before then of course but it is great to be able to talk in such a positive way after the disruption to our playing season so far this year.

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