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Notes from the Management Committee meeting held at 10:00am on Monday 13 July 2020
The July meeting was held by telephone conference call with 12 members joining in and one participant observing with a view to joining the Committee in the future.


The major item to be decided was the future of the 2020 League season. With no respite from the current lockdown rules with especially the ban on non-members bowling at away greens means that no date can be set for the return of competitive bowling. With only 11 weeks of the 26-week season remaining and no start date it was with much regret that the decision was taken to call time on the League programme.


A decision on individual KO competitions was put back until the next meeting in the hope that some progress could be made in the interim. However members were concerned that even if that became possible the take-up on entries is expected to be substantially reduced creating a below average standard of bowling which would devalue any competition.


There was no discussion on the already paid League fees from clubs with the Treasurer saying that he would expect to advise the Management Committee later in the year.


Members agreed to revisit their decision of the previous month to invite the Winter League to be run under the HDVBA organisation. They decided to reverse their earlier decision and will now not be inviting the Winter League to be part of the HDVBA Family.


The background timeline for this process is ....

On 9 June the Management Committee voted 10-0 to invite the Winter League to be run under the auspices of the HDVBA.

On 16 June the Winter League teams agreed their preference was for the League to be run under the auspices of the HDVBA and they also decided that they wanted the League teams to be mixed-gender.

On 13 July the Management Committee discussed this matter again because of the proposed change to a mixed-gender competition. They then voted 6-5 in favour of not inviting the Winter League to be part of the HDVBA Family.

Nine HDVBA member clubs involved in the creation of the new Winter League had submitted a proposed rule change to the HDVBA Management Committee on 19 June. This rule change would enable the Winter League teams to be allowed to play mixed-gender teams. This was considered by the Management Committee at a special meeting on 26 June and it was agreed to put this before a convened Special General Meeting as soon as it is safe to do so to allow clubs to discuss and vote on this matter.

This matter was revisited at the Management Committee meeting on 13 July and following the decision not to invite the Winter League to join the HDVBA it was decided on a vote of 6-5 to reverse their earlier decision and not permit the proposed rule change to be put before member clubs.


There was an official written complaint from Marsh United about the coverage that the new Winter League has received on the HDVBA website and newsletter. No further action required.

The work involved in setting up a Special General Meeting had highlighted a shortfall in the Bye-Laws to guide officers through the process especially around timings. It was agreed that the Rules Sub-Committee would meet the following week to review this Bye-Law and bring to the August meeting for discussion. An earlier meeting of the Rules Sub-Committee had already formulated some proposed changes and these will be heard at the same time.


The HDVBA traditionally place some of their funds in an investment bond which is due for renewal in September. Renewal is every 12 months. Members considered an option to use the fund of around £2,500 for the benefit of clubs. A scheme where member clubs could ask for a loan from this fund to help fund a project or to help them through any short-term financial difficulties was considered. The interest would be set just above the level provided by the bond which is currently advertised at 1.3% and last year produced an additional income of £35. This would then replace the income provided by the bond but at the same time help clubs with some financial support. Members decided not to support this initiative but to renew the bond in September for a further 12 months with the interest level expected to be below the current 1.3%.

The meeting closed at 12.35pm

The Rules Sub-Committee will meet at 10am on Monday 20 July
The next scheduled meeting of the Management Committee is Monday 10 August

Notes from the Management Committee meeting held at 10:00 am on Monday 8 June 2020

The June Management Committee meeting was once again held by a Telephone Conference Call service with 11 members phoning in.


Members discussed the ongoing situation as regards the coronavirus and how clubs were reacting to it. Most clubs are now open for limited social bowling but reports were of little take-up of these opportunities. Some clubs have sounded out their team bowlers and reports were of around 50% of team bowlers not inclined to bowl in League matches this year. The results of the website survey on bowler's thoughts on bowling this year also indicated a growing reluctance to put families and households at risk of infection by returning to full bowling in the short-term.


All this coupled with the timescales now passing and little flexibility in the Government's approach to social distancing and clubs opening of their premises leads members to believe that there is very little chance of any competitive team bowling this season. It was agreed that the Management Committee should be in a position to make a decision about the current season at its next meeting on 13 July. That, in turn, will lead to a clearer picture around finances and to a decision being taken about club fees for 2020.


The one area where there may be a chance of some competitive bowling would be in individual competitions where it is the choice of an individual whether they take up the opportunity or not. In particular, the League would like to stage the 50th consecutive running of the Examiner Rose Bowl if at all possible.


The Treasurer reported on current financial activity which invited the question about the renewal or not of the bond currently held by HDVBA with £2,256 in it and a mature date in September. Once the full financial picture is known then decisions about renewing this or not can be made.


The Treasurer also reported on grants provided to local clubs from the Sport England Emergency Fund. In total he informed members that 15 clubs had received over £36,000 in total to date. These details are available on the Sport England website if you dig deep enough. It was decided that this detailed information would not be posted on the HDVBA website but links could be provided to the Sport England details. Grants for local clubs ranged from £300 to £10,000.


It was agreed that the Rules Sub-Committee would meet on Monday 15 June to consider any rule changes for the 2021 season and then make any recommendations to the July meeting of the full Management Committee. With no League action this year there are not expected to be any major overhaul of the rules but following club reaction at the AGM the rules around Starred Bowlers will be reviewed.


Work has restarted on preparing for the start of the new Winter League and the 10 clubs that have expressed an interest in joining this League will be meeting shortly to progress this work. One major decision to be taken will be who will oversee the running of this League with four options on the table. It could be the HDVBA, the host club, the teams themselves or an individual. Each member was asked where they saw this responsibility laying and almost all thought that it should be the HDVBA.

The meeting closed at 11:10 am.

The next scheduled meeting of the Management Committee is Monday 13 July 2020.


Notes from the Management Committee meeting held at 10:00 am on Monday 11 May 2020
This meeting was held by a Telephone Conference Call service with 11 members joining in

The meeting began with a short moment of silence for members in respect for the recent passing of our President John Hoyle and other bowlers from our Leagues.

The position of President was discussed with quick agreement that Vice-President, Allan Dobson, would take over the top position. It was further agreed with the special circumstances of this season that he would assume the position of Acting President in 2020 and then move into the full President role from the 2021 AGM for a full two-year term of office from then. There was no current interest from any of the other members present of being considered for the now vacant position of Vice-President. It was agreed to leave the matter on the table for the immediate future but members were of one mind that the next Vice-President (and President-elect) should come from the Mananemegement Committee if at all possible.

Alan Sharpe was confirmed as the Away Team Manager of our Inter-District Team and will succeed John Hoyle in this position.

It was agreed that the scheduled end-of-season Anniversary Presentation Event should be cancelled. With little likelihood of any competitive bowling this season there would be no trophies to present so the event would be pointless. Should there become a need to present any award to any team or individual in 2020 then this would be included in the 2020 Half-Year General Meeting in October as has been past practice. The Presentation Event had been scheduled to be held at Rastrick on Monday 2 November and this booking has now been cancelled.

The Treasurer took the opportunity in his Report to remind clubs that grants were now readily available for bowling clubs from Kirklees MC and Sport England to offset the financial damage of the coronavirus pandemic. Various amounts are available from the Sport England Emergency Fund depending on the claimant's circumstances. The funding available from the Government via the Local Authority was more regimented and determined by the rateable value of the club's green and/or clubhouse. Up to a rateable value of £15,000 meant that a grant of £10,000 was available upon application. Where the rateable value exceeded £15,000 then a grant of £25,000 was available. Full details, including the KMC application form, have been and still are on the HDVBA website.


The Competition Secretary reported that he had managed to get some more of the Anniversary scorecards and mugs united with their respective clubs but three clubs remained outstanding and probably would do so until the current lockdown situation had eased.

The League Secretary reported that he had received correspondence from both of John Hoyle's sons on different matters. The family asked if it would be in order for the HDVBA Chain of Office to be placed on John's coffin during the service planned for 12 May. Members were pleased to confirm that they supported this gesture. In addition, the family had also asked if there were any objections to them instructing a trophy maker to make them a copy of the aforesaid Chain of Office as a permanent reminder to them. Again the Management Committee had no objections. The family are also keen to arrange an event to commemorate John's involvement in bowling in the area. Initial thoughts involve arranging a one-off knock-out competition to be held over a weekend or alternatively donating a trophy to the HDVBA for them to allocate to a competition and become a perpetual reminder of John's time in bowling. The family are to discuss the options between themselves before coming back for further discussions.

The impact of the Prime Minister's televised address on the previous evening had left members with much food for thought but also a recognition that they could not start to plan the consequences of the theme of this address until the details are published. That was expected to be later on the day of this meeting and members were prepared to meet again should the need arise to make any arrangements for a change in circumstances.

The meeting closed at 11:30 am

The next meeting of the Management Committee is planned for Monday 8 June 2020 at 10:00 am.

Notes from the Management Committee meeting held on Monday 13 April 2020
This meeting was held using a Telephone Conference Call service with nine members joining in.

The Management Committee discussed finance at its meeting on Monday. With the current uncertainty about income from our sponsors and what expenditure there may be in prize money, it was decided to delay any decision on League Fees and Honoraria payments until a time when all that information is available and when a decision on whether any Veterans bowling can commence is able to be taken. That, of course, will be determined by the ending of the lock-down situation. The position will be reviewed at the next Management Committee meeting on 11 May.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of £5,964 with a number of current commitments in this year which reduces that balance to £2,864. Add to that the value of the Bond investment of £2,256 which matures in September 2020 taking the full available balance to £5,120.

The Competition Secretary and League Secretary have constructed a provisional programme of fixtures that would enable the maximum number of matches to be played assuming a beginning of July start date. This provisional programme is totally dependent on the current lock-down status being removed by that date.

This programme would see a full half-season of League fixtures played on the usual Monday and Tuesday dates to enable the maximum opportunities for bowlers to bowl. At this stage, it is assumed that all teams and greens will be back in action by this date. This is currently viewed as being a friendly League competition using the existing 2020 fixture programme with no promotion or relegation to be enforced.


This provisional programme would also allow a number of team and individual knock-out competitions to be staged but not all of them. There is a wish to support the Rose Bowl in particular as this year would be the 50th running of our oldest individual competition. It was indicated that a number of our sponsors have already paid their 2020 fees and the thinking is that these competitions should take priority in any reduced programme of competitions. No further action is necessary at this time and until news of a return to normality is known nothing further can be done. 

The organisers of the Inter-District competition have not given up hopes of a rescheduling of the 2020 fixture programme and again this is totally dependent on a lifting of the current lock-down arrangements. In addition, Huddersfield are the hosts of the 2020 Hickson Trophy one-day KO competition which is scheduled for Friday 10 July and there is still time for this to be staged on that date or later in the season.

It was reported that a number of 2020 Yearbooks and Anniversary mugs have still to be collected by clubs. These will be held over until current travelling restrictions are lifted.

Contact has been made with Kirkwood Hospice about presenting the £350 proceeds from the raffle at the Anniversary Launch Event at Meltham. Both parties are keen for this to be advertised and a photo opportunity will be organised once the restrictions on the movement of people is eased.

Sponsorship of the monthly HDVBA Newsletter has been secured up to and including September 2020 and it will continue to be produced during the year.

It was reported that the proposed Winter League two trial days arranged for late March had been cancelled due to the coronavirus threat. It is hoped to rearrange for later in the year prior to an October start of the first Winter League season.

Notes from the Management Committee meeting held on Monday 9 March 2020

Members worked through the Starred Bowlers for each of the 28 teams in Sections 1 and 2 of the 10-Man League to finalise these individuals for the 2020 season. A number of appeals from clubs as regards their Starred Bowlers were considered prior to final agreement. As usual, members will review all Starred Bowlers six-weeks into the season to ensure that they are all still bowling and at the level expected of having Starred status. Some changes may be made at that time.   2020 Starred Bowlers


It was reported that the Anniversary Patron Scheme was now closed and had raised a very commendable total of £650 which will go towards celebrating our 50th Anniversary. All the 40 Patrons have been thanked for their generosity.

Members reviewed the decisions made at the AGM regarding rule changes and the election of officers and looked back on the Anniversary event. A number of written thanks had been received from some clubs and sponsors and these were read out and are reproduced below.

Ed Haigh, Lockwood Con - I would like to take this opportunity to say I thought the 50th anniversary of our Veterans League was an enormous success and most enjoyable. Thank you very much to everyone involved.

Dave Fox (Sponsors Ballcraft) - Just like to say what a great afternoon it was yesterday you all do a fantastic job for the veterans association

James Creegan (Sponsors Croftland Care Homes) - Thank you for the invite. I had an enjoyable time, the food was delicious. All the attendees seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Geoff Ryder, Shepley - Fabulous afternoon yesterday with very little negativity. Well organised and a great success for the association. Please thank the committee for all their hard work and commitment.

Tim Poulter, Clayton West - First could I congratulate the team for Mondays celebration afternoon it was a brilliant day, so well done to all of you

The Treasurer reported on a healthy bank balance of £6,500 which he would expect at this time of year with all the club's fees for the 2020 season collected and few outgoings.

Arrangements are to be made for the presentation of the £350 raised through the Anniversary Raffle to Kirkwood Hospice. It is hoped that a photograph of the presentation will appear in the local press.


There has been a delay in the production of the 2020 Yearbook and this will not now be available until Monday 16 March between 10am-11am at Paddock I&C. Clubs can at the same time collect any outstanding allocation of Anniversary mugs and Anniversary scorecards.


Members discussed the Coronavirus outbreak and requests from clubs for some guidance. This has subsequently been drafted and agreed and has been circulated to all clubs.   Guidance

The positions of Managers and Captains of our two Inter-District teams were discussed and there was no hesitation in confirming their continuing involvement for the 2020 season when our teams will defend their Championship title. Home Team: Manager- David Armitage; Captain-Mick Cox  Away Team: Manager-John Hoyle/Alan Sharp; Captain-Malcolm Gilbert.

Paul Rushworth (Broad Oak) was present at the meeting and was co-opted on to the Management Committee. There remains three vacancies on the Management Committee.


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