Notes of a meeting held at 10.00 am on
Tuesday 15 September 2020 at Milnsbridge BC


PRESENT:  Mike Ralph (Springwood) (MR)

                      Jeff Jacklin (Kirkheaton Con) (JJ)
                                                  Bob Haigh (Huddersfield Recreation Club) (BH)
                              Michelle Booth (Lowerhouses) (MB)
                     Glynis Philbin (Lindley BC) (GP)


  IN ATTENDANCE:   Jim Baxter (Milnsbridge BC) for item 4



  1. The notes as circulated were accepted as a true record of the meeting and all matters arising were on the agenda.


  1. BH had circulated a Finance Report prior to the meeting which showed  
    - a General Fund balance of £125
    - a Founders Fund balance of £520

  2. BH reported that he continues to use his personal bank account at this time as his bank was still not in a position to open new accounts.

  3. JJ reported that there is one expected item of further expenditure and this is for insurance cover that the YCCGBA stipulate needs to be in place. A quote has been received from the BCGBA insurance provider (Endsleigh) for £417. This has been challenged with a known comparison of the HDVBA paying a £45 annual premium for 96 teams. This is also being followed up with the YCCGBA and BCGBA. Two alternative providers have been contacted and they have provided quotations of £220 and £115. MR recommended Co-operative Insurance as they were working with a number of community groups in this area.   ACTION: JJ

  4. There was a discussion on what period should constitute the League’s financial year and agreed that this would run annually from 1 April to 31 March. This allows sufficient time for full records to be presented to clubs at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for July each year.


  1. Members discussed the disbursement of the Fund which has now been closed with a total of £520 donated. It was agreed that 50% of the total would be allocated to purchase a perpetual trophy to be awarded to the team winning our top league competition. It was agreed that this should be a cup in a non-traditional style to signify that we are a very different organisation to most in the local bowling community. This will become known as the Founders Cup. In addition small permanent mementoes will be presented to up to six members of the winning team.

  2. It was further agreed that 25% of the total sum raised would be allocated towards the purchase of a trophy to be awarded annually to the bowler that topped the individual averages. There are numerous models of trophies available in various styles and made of different materials. This is to become known as the Founders Trophy. Again a permanent memento is also to be presented to the winner.

  3. With the expectation that the League will be divided into two divisions next year with promotion and relegation a feature of the competition it was agreed that the final 25% of the Fund will be used to purchase a Shield to be awarded annually to the team that wins the second level division. This will become known as the Founders Shield. Again it is hoped to award individual mementoes to up to six members of the successful team.

  4. It was agreed that the Founders Cup and Founders Trophy could be purchased but there is no need to procure the Founders Shield until next season. The balance to be retained in the interim as an emergency fund.

  5. Several brochures of potential trophies were shared but no decisions were made on which to purchase with more samples required.   ACTION: JJ

Members worked through a list of basic requirements to underpin the Test Day and made the following decisions:

  • each bowler would use their own club jack and mat to reduce the potential for infection;

  • it is the responsibility of each team captain to collect their team fees (£10) and pass to the host club prior to the start of play;

  • an enquiry from one team about paying for the full season in advance was welcomed and could be accommodated;

  • Springwood had changed their original plan to use disposable cups and will now be using mugs. Any bowler with concerns about this is welcome to bring their own mug. Milnsbridge will also be using pot mugs;

  • teams are to provide their own scorecards;

  • with numbers restricted to 30-people on and around the green no spectators are allowed at either venue;

  • there will be no designated tea interval with continuous play being the order of the day and bowlers can take refreshment at times to suit themselves;

  • both host clubs indicated that alcohol would be available but only in cans or bottles;

  • both host clubs indicated that they would be issuing each team with four raffle tickets on receipt of the match fees and would be providing two raffle prizes each week. Additional tickets would be available at a cost of 50p each.

  • the host club have the sole right to cancel any fixtures and on such occasions will inform all the teams due to play that day by 11:00am.

  • The first named team in each fixture shall have jacks 1&3 whilst the second named team will have jacks 2&4.



  1. JJ reported that Bowlsnet had now been set up in preparation for the 2020-21 season. All fixtures had been generated and usernames and passwords would be issued to all teams before the Test Day. ACTION: JJ

  2. All bowler registrations received to date had been added to the system.



  1. The new website is live and averaging around 150 visitors a day at present and this is expected to increase once the season starts.


  3. JJ spoke about future plans for the website with the intention to expand the current site to become a Web Portal. This would offer website services to local bowling leagues at a reduced cost and with a common audience. Should this progress then the Winter League would benefit as they would receive a free service.



  1. The League teams had delegated authority to the Management Committee to finalise the League Rules as a result of opting not to conduct a General Meeting by telephone conference call.

  2. Draft 3 had been circulated to members as well as all the teams and comments received accordingly. These were worked through and agreement reached on each with amendments agreed for inclusion in the final version which will be circulated to all clubs prior to the start of the season.   ACTION: JJ


  1. MB indicated that he found the League’s full title to be cumbersome and forgettable and thought we needed to address this before we became too entrenched with it. After discussion it was agreed to change the formal name to the one that is increasingly being known by – the Huddersfield Winter League.

  2. Jim Baxter had been in attendance at the meeting representing the host club of Milnsbridge BC and to contribute to discussions on preparations for the Test Day. Jim was invited to join the Management Committee where there is currently one vacancy. He declined but if the Management Committee continued to hold meetings at Milnsbridge then he said that he would probably be available to attend as he would provide access to the clubhouse for meetings.



The next meeting of the Management Committee will be held between the Test Day and opening set of League fixtures if required. It is hoped that the Test Day goes well and no interim action will be required.


The meeting closed at 11:15am


Minutes of the Management Committee meeting No.2 held on 24 August 2020

Minutes of the Management Committee meeting No.1 held on 27 July 2020

© 2020 Jeff Jacklin