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Council – Management Committee plus one representative per team

Management Committee – Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and up to three Committee members

Game – a 21-up encounter between players from two teams

Match – all the games between two teams


The League

  1. The name of the League is the Huddersfield Winter League.

  2. The aim of the League is to organise team and individual competitions during the Winter season for teams in membership. In addition, the League and its member clubs will strive to promote and develop the sport of bowling to interested parties of all ages.

  3. The League will support clubs in membership in whatever means is practical.

  4. The Winter League season will normally be October to March.



  1. The annual subscription shall be decided at the March Half-Year Meeting of the Council each year and payable not later than the AGM in July. 

  2. ​Any club in the Huddersfield area shall be eligible for membership.  Such club to be proposed and seconded by two member clubs and approved by the Management Committee before being admitted.

  3. The League shall be governed overall by decisions of general meetings, which shall be attended by the following who shall constitute the Council, namely the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, up to three committee members and one representative from each team. All attendees are entitled to one vote. Teams not represented at Council shall be fined £5.  

  4. At all meetings of the Council, 50% of the membership must be present to form a quorum.

  5. At the A.G.M. in July the Council shall appoint a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and up to three committee members. The aforesaid shall form the Management Committee for the ensuing twelve months.

  6. Two ordinary General Meetings shall be held annually, one in March (the End-of-Season Meeting) for the consideration of League Rules and the other in July (the AGM) for the presentation of annual accounts, election of officers, fixing of annual subscriptions and other business. The Management Committee shall have the right to call a Special General Meeting at any time.

  7. ​The Secretary shall convene a Special General Meeting at any time, on receiving a requisition to that effect, signed by the representatives of not less than four clubs in membership or, by decision of the Management Committee. Such requests to state the purpose of the proposed meeting.

  8. When a Special General Meeting has been properly sanctioned the Secretary must organise such a meeting within 28 days of receiving the request. Notice of the meeting along with the business to be conducted must then be circulated to all clubs in membership at least 21 days in advance of the meeting date.

  9. The Management Committee shall meet at any time deemed necessary, for the purpose of the day to day management of the League affairs.  At all meetings of the Management Committee three members must be present to form a quorum

  10. All matters except rule changes shall be decided by majority vote.

  11. No existing League Rule shall be altered, rescinded or added to nor new rule accepted without the consent of at least two-thirds of those present and entitled to vote and voting at the Half Yearly or General meetings.

  12. Suggested rule changes from clubs must be proposed and seconded in writing from two clubs and must be received by the Secretary 28 days prior to the March meeting.  Rule changes may also be recommended by the Management Committee. All proposals will be circulated to all clubs at least 21 days in advance of the meeting date. ​

  13. Fines not paid within 28 days shall be doubled

  14. The League to consist of the number of sections determined by the Management Committee. In the event of a points tie the season’s ‘Aggregate For’ scores will determine the outcome.  In the event of the teams still being level then the ‘Aggregate Difference’ (i.e. ‘Aggregate For’ minus ‘Aggregate Against’ will determine the positions).

  15. All match results will be submitted online and must be completed by the first-named club within 48 hours of completion of the match.

  16. Failure to supply the results as per rule will result in a £5 fine for each such infringement.

  17. Any team playing an ineligible bowler in a League match shall lose that game 0-21. Clubs and players transgressing this rule may be fined as determined by the Management Committee.

  18. Only the host club can postpone fixtures due to the condition of the green. In such instances, the host club will inform each club’s named contact by 11:00 am on match day.

  19. The Secretary will rearrange any postponed fixtures.


Match Play

  1. Clubs must register teams to be entered into the League by the first Monday in July and the Management Committee will meet on the second Monday in July to determine the composition of the League.

  2. All players in the League must be 60 years of age or over. If 60 years of age during the season, they may play from their 60th birthday. The League is open to male and lady bowlers with no restrictions or limits on the number of each gender in any team.

  3. It is expected that most bowlers will bowl for a club they have played for in the previous Summer League season unless they have just become age-qualified to play in the Winter League. However, a bowler can opt to play for another club in the Winter League other than their Summer League team. Bowlers from clubs that are not Winter League members may join and play for a Winter League team.

  4. A maximum of one bowler who has joined a Winter league club from another Winter League club or from a club that does not have a team in the league will be allowed to play in any one match. More than one such bowler can be registered by a club.

  5. Where clubs have more than one team in the League, bowlers will only be qualified to bowl in one of these teams in the season. Qualification being decided by playing for one of those teams.

  6. No in-season transfers will be permitted.

  7. League matches will be played on a Tuesday starting at 12:30 pm.

  8. Teams will be of four bowlers.

  9. Matches will consist of four Singles games.

  10. The first named team shall have the lead with jacks 1 and 3; the second named team will have jacks 2 and 4.

  11. Points will be awarded as follows:

  • 1 point to the winner of each Singles game

  • 2 points to the team with the highest aggregate score. In the event of a draw then each team will receive 1 point. This means that a total of 6 points are awarded in each match.

 9.  Team and Individual KO competitions will be arranged as time allows in the Winter League calendar.



  1. The League’s financial year shall start on 1 April and end on 31 March each year.

  2. League fees and prize money will be recommended to the teams by the Management Committee on an annual basis. 

  3. The Management Committee will work with the host club(s) to determine costs and payment of their green hire on an annual basis. Costs must be averaged out so that all teams contribute the same sum regardless of which green they play on.

  4. The Treasurer will present annual accounts of League finances at the A.G.M. to all clubs for approval.




15 September 2020

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