Association Bye-Laws 2020

Including all revisions agreed at the
Annual General Meeting held on 17 February 2020



1        The name of the Association shall be The Huddersfield and District Veterans Bowling Association.


2        The objects of the Association shall be to organise team and individual competitions for clubs in membership.

3        The annual subscription shall be decided at the October meeting of the Council each year and payable not later than the A G M in February the following year.  In addition to the annual subscription each club shall purchase a minimum of 6 handbooks per team.

4         Any Veterans club in the Huddersfield and district shall be eligible for membership.  Such club to be proposed and seconded by two member clubs and approved by the management committee before being admitted.

5        The Association shall be governed overall by decisions of general meetings, which shall be attended by the following who shall constitute the Council, namely the President, Vice President, General Secretary, League Secretary, Competition Secretary, Treasurer, up to eight committee members and one representative from each club. Clubs not represented at Council shall be fined £5.  Life members shall be considered ex-officio members, so long as they take an active interest in the Association. Life members may be elected at a General meeting of the Association

At all meetings of the Council, 50% of officials and members must be present to form a quorum and each member club shall have one vote.  At the A.G.M. in February the Council shall appoint a President and Vice President, who shall serve for two years.  After two years, the Vice President shall become President and serve for two years.  The council shall appoint a Vice President, who shall serve for two years.  The council shall appoint General, League and Competition Secretaries, a Treasurer and up to eight committee members. The aforesaid shall form the Management Committee for the ensuing twelve months.  The Council shall appoint an Independent Verifier to verify the Associations accounts who shall serve for one year.

6        Two ordinary General Meetings shall be held annually, one in October for the fixing of annual subscriptions and the consideration of Bye Laws, competition and match play rules and the other in February for the presentation of annual accounts, election of officers and other business. The Management Committee shall have the right to call a General Meeting at any time.

7        The General Secretary shall convene a Special General Meeting at any time, on receiving a requisition to that effect, signed by the representative of not less than five clubs in membership or, by decision of the Management Committee. Such requisition to state the purpose of the proposed meeting.

8        The Management Committee shall meet at any time deemed necessary, for the purpose of the day to day management of the Association affairs.  At all meetings of the Management Committee five members or life members must be present to form a quorum. At all meetings the President, or in his absence, the Vice President shall take the chair.

9         All players in the Association shall be male and must be 60 years of age or over. If 60 years of age during the season, they may play from their 60th birthday.

10      Honoraria to be discussed annually at the February meeting and paid in February of the following year.

11      No existing Bye Law, Competition and Cup Rules shall be altered, rescinded or added to nor new rule accepted without the consent of at least two thirds of those present and entitled to vote and voting at the Half Yearly or General meetings.

12      Suggested rule changes, proposed and seconded in writing from both club’s representatives, must be delivered to the General Secretary 42 clear days before the October meeting.  Rule changes may also be recommended by the Management Committee. All proposals will be circulated to all clubs. Any amendments to the proposed rule changes to be with the General Secretary 28 clear days before the October meeting. These proposals to be circulated to all clubs in membership, 14 clear days before the October meeting for consideration by the Council.

13      Fines not paid within 28 days shall be doubled


Match Play and Competition Rules.


All competitions and matches shall be governed by the B.C.G.B.A. laws of the game. The Management Committee shall deal with any matter or dispute which may arise and shall have the power to impose a fine and/or suspend any club or member transgressing the rules or Bye-Laws and/or bringing the game or the Association into disrepute.  The decision of the Management Committee is final.


Match Play

1   Registrations

1a) Clubs must register the teams being entered in the League on or before the second Monday in January.  A management committee meeting will then be held on the third Monday in January to determine the composition of the Leagues.

1b) All changes to player registrations held by the League Secretary and new registrations must be notified with name, date of birth and B.C.G.B.A. membership number by the end of March each year. Any player wishing to transfer from one club to another after the start of the season will only be allowed with the written consent of the Management Committee.

1c)  The following bowlers will not be permitted to play for his club’s lower 10-man and 6-man teams in league and knockout competitions.

The nominated 5 starred bowlers from Sections 1 & 2 of the 10-man league teams.

The Starred bowlers will be 3 singles and 2 doubles with the best individual averages for the previous season, based on having played a minimum of 60% of the matches. The Management Committee and Clubs will jointly monitor and amend starred bowlers as appropriate depending on club / individual circumstances prior to and during the season

Any infringement of this rule will result in a loss of 21–0 in both 10-man and 6-man team games involving that player.  This rule does not prevent players from playing in a clubs higher league teams.  No player can play twice on the same day. Any infringement of this rule will result in a loss of 21-0 in both games involving that player.

1d) Any bowler other than a starred bowler can play for a 10-man team on a Tuesday and for a 6-man team of a different club on a Monday of which he is a member providing the 10 man team club does not have a 6-man team. Existing membership arrangements will be allowed to run their course


2     The League

The League to consist of the number of sections determined by the Management Committee, the top two teams in each section at the end of the season shall move into the next higher section and the bottom two teams shall move into the next lower section. In the event of a points tie the season’s ‘Aggregate For’ scores will determine the outcome.  In the event of the teams still being level then the ‘Aggregate Difference’ (i.e. ‘Aggregate For’ minus ‘Aggregate Against’ will determine the positions).


3      Playing of matches. 


a)   All League and Competition matches to start at 1:30pm and to be played on the day shown in the printed schedule, even if less than ten men are available, unless agreed before hand, with opposing captain and for a genuine and acceptable reason.  The principal acceptable reason is the state of the green and in these circumstances, the opposing captain must be contacted not later than 12 noon on the day of the match.  It is not an acceptable reason that any players holidays intervene or that certain players are not available, i.e. reserves must be played.  In the case of less than ten men playing, 21 points shall be forfeited for each game. Matches can only be re-arranged if the green is unplayable or bad weather prevails or clashing with senior matches or the funeral of a Club member and with the agreement of both captains as aforementioned or with the prior agreement of the League Secretary.  Where a match has to be re-arranged the date must be agreed within 7 days of the original date and the match must be played within 28 days of the original date. In any event the League Secretary must be informed.

In re-arranged matches players having played in other teams on the original date, cannot play in the re-arranged game. In the case of a dispute, the matter is to be referred to the committee whose decision will be final. Failure to play the game within 28 days of the original date shall result in a £5 fine to both clubs.

Any club failing to turn up without giving notice to the League or Competition Secretaries and opponents or within 30 min after the starting time shall be liable to a £20 fine and forfeiture of the match.

(b)   Any player selected for the inter-district competition, or to represent Yorkshire CCGBA, which is on the same day as a league fixture or any knock-out competition fixture, may call upon the opposing club to furnish an opponent to meet the selected player(s), during the week prior to the day of the match. Failure to provide an opponent will result in forfeiture of the game(s).

c)    Any team playing an ineligible bowler in a League match shall lose that game 0-21.
Clubs and players transgressing this rule may be fined as determined by the Management Committee.

4      Matches shall consist of three doubles and four singles played in any combination, the home team captain having preference. All doubles matches shall consist of two bowlers per team.

5      Scoring shall be one point per win, two points for the highest aggregate score. In the event of aggregate score being equal, one point each team.  

6      Standard jacks with a valid date stamp to be used, the visitors to throw the first jack in each game.

7     All players must be available when due to play, if not available the game will be forfeited and awarded 21-0 to the opponent.

8      Rule not in use.

9      A fully completed league result card or emailed result record or online result submission must be completed by the first named club and promptly forwarded to the League Secretary. A fully completed competition result sheet must be completed by the host club and promptly forwarded to the Competition Secretary.

All results for Monday or Tuesday matches should be received by no later than 7:00pm on the following Sunday

All results for Wednesday or Thursday matches should be received by no later than 7:00 pm on the following Wednesday.

Failure to supply the results as per rule will result in a £5 fine for each such infringement.


Six-Man Teams          

a    Teams to consist of six players, starred ten man team players not eligible, 

b    To be played on Monday afternoons or Friday if mutually agreed.    

c     Matches to be one double and four singles.


Knock-Out Competitions


a)    Applies to teams, pairs and individual competitions.

b)    No player (excluding host players) will be allowed to practice on the selected green from the date that the neutral venue is announced prior to any knock-out competition being played except when playing in a scheduled match/competition. Host players will not be allowed to practice on the day of the final.

c)    Existing teams and individuals will be handicapped for the season. Where any new team or individual are accepted into the Association, the team or individual handicap may be capped at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Individual Handicapping Guidelines.

All competition entry forms require handicaps to be entered and clubs/captains should ensure forms are completed correctly for starred and non starred bowlers.


Inter District players scratch; ex-Inter District after one year 1, after 2 years 2.

Section 1  -  Maximum 3.  Starred bowlers 2

Section 2  -  Maximum 4.  Starred bowlers 3

Section 3  -  Minimum 4  Maximum 5. 

Section 4  -  Minimum 5  Maximum 6. 

Section 5  -  Minimum 6  Maximum 7. 

Six man A -  Maximum 7.

Six man B -  Maximum 7
Six man C -  Maximum 7


Pairs competition – use both individual handicaps and divide by 2, if result not a whole number then round up.

Players playing in the Subscription/Drayton leagues should have handicaps no higher than 3.

All clubs have players of varying abilities, this should be reflected in handicaps given.

Any handicapping anomalies reported to the Management Committee will be discussed and adjusted as appropriate, clubs will be notified of any changes.

d)    Each team to be responsible for providing two mats and two jacks. 

e)    All games to be played on neutral greens. All clubs in membership shall allow the association to use their greens for competitions throughout the season. The host venue must make available toilet facilities, clubs failing to do so will be fined £5 at the discretion of the management committee. Light refreshments would be appreciated.

Pre-drawn competition drawsheets will be issued to the host venues in a sealed envelope. A list of bowlers who have been allocated to a venue will also be published on the HDVBA website and in the local press. Host venue members shall be responsible for undertaking the competition in accordance with the drawsheet and scratching guidelines detailed in the drawsheet.

Any club wishing to withdraw its green for a scheduled event may do so, by giving notice to the competition secretary no later than the closing date for all competitions.

Any club withdrawing their A team from a competition will not be allowed to play their A team bowlers in their lower 10-man and 6-man teams in that competition, if they have played 25% of A team games.

f)     Dual membership. Any bowler whose team is drawn to play on the green of which he is also a member, will not be barred from playing.    


g)    In the event of aggregate scores being equal, the winning team shall be the team with most wins. 

h)    A member shall not be allowed to bowl for more than one team in any one competition during the season except that a member of a club who has played in the ‘B’ and ‘C’ team may play in the same team clubs ‘A’ or ‘B’ team in later rounds, but having played in the ‘A’ /’B’ team, he cannot revert to the ‘B’ or ‘C’ teams. For the purposes of this rule the Team KO and Sub-Team KO shall be regarded as one competition.

i)     In any merit or handicap competition any player having a walkover or bye and being required to meet an opponent in the next round who has already played on that green in the preceeding round shall be entitled to practice for not exceeding 10 minutes on completion of his opponents game.

j)      Any team playing an ineligible bowler in a Knock-Out match shall be expelled from that competition for that season. Clubs and players transgressing this rule may be fined as determined by the Management Committee .


This shall consist of 5 pairs.


Team Knock-Out and Subsidiary Team Knock-Out.

These shall consist of four singles and three doubles.


Julie Fuller Trophy for Six-Man Teams.

a)    This shall consist of three pairs.

b)    Teams to consist of six players who must qualify by having played at least two games with the six man team or with the discretion of the Competition Secretary . Starred bowlers are not eligible for the competition.


Other Knock-Out Handicapped Competitions.



1.    Any player or players not turning up on intermediate or finals day without an acceptable reason, will be barred from entering the competition in which they defaulted for the following season and any prize money will be forfeited.

2.    Scratching will be when called, once scratched no re - entry will be allowed. Whatever the weather all entrants for each qualifying round(s) must report to the host organiser prior to the start time. 

3.     Final Competition Venues: Individual or Pairs finalists playing on a veteran's 'Home Club' green will have their current handicap(s) adjusted as follows - minus 2 in the first match and minus 1 in the second.

a) Rose Bowl, singles.

b) LD cup, singles. For section 3,4,5,and 6 Man-team bowlers. (No player who has played any games in the 10 man sections 1 and 2  will be allowed to enter).

c)  Over 70, singles.

d)  Pairs, both players must be from the same club.

e)  Over 80, singles.
f)  Over-70s Pairs, both players must be from the same club.

4.    To enter the individual or pairs competitions all entrants must have played three league games. Other people wishing to enter can do so at the discretion of the Management Committee.






1    Hard or block heel footwear must not be worn whilst on the green in any match under the association’s jurisdiction.

2    The following is the only permitted dress for male bowlers in all County Matches and Final Days of all tournaments organized or run by the association.

a)   (i) Trousers: These shall be full length, single coloured trousers in black. Studs, rivets and zipped pockets are not allowed, nor are external pockets on the legs. Nothing in this rule shall prevent exceptions being made for individuals with a relevant disability.

(ii) Shorts – Players may wear shorts, black in colour, as approved by BCGBA and supplied by the BCGBA approved supplier.

b)   Shirts: These shall be collared shirts which may be embellished with any or all of the following: players name, Club insignia, County insignia, sponsors insignia, manufacturer’s insignia.

c)   Where necessary and in accordance with pertaining weather conditions, sweaters which confirm to the above and/or wet weather gear may be worn.

d)   In team contests it is strongly recommended that uniform clothing is worn by all team members.

e)   Nothing in the above shall be interpreted to allow the wearing of track suits, shell suits or denims.

f)    Any player failing to conform to this standard will be prevented from playing (or continuing) in the competition, and may be liable to forfeit any entry fee for, or prize money earned in the competition.

g)   In the case of team contests any offending player must be substituted prior to the commencement of the game. However, if the offending player’s game has commenced, the player shall score nil and the opponent shall receive the maximum score.

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