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Last Updated: 25 January 2020


The Top Questions we get asked about Bowlsnet

FAQ for Result Reporters  
BOWLSNET MASTERCLASS: How to set up your own personal playing record


1.  How do I access Bowlsnet?

2.  Do I need a password to access Bowlsnet?

3.  Can I look at averages, results and tables for previous seasons?

4.  I play in four leagues who all use Bowlsnet. Is there a quick way of accessing all four leagues?

5.  Can I use Bowlsnet on my smartphone and tablet?

6.  Can I view Singles and Pairs results separately and Combined?

7.  What does the orange shading on match results signify?

8.  How can a bowler's record show Played 20 Won 9 Lost 10? It doesn't add up.

9. Can I make the text bigger?


1.  How do I access Bowlsnet?
The quickest way is to use the links in the menu item Bowlsnet at the top of every page on this website. These will take you directly to the home page of the 6-Man or 10-Man leagues.

2.  Do I need a password to access Bowlsnet?
No you don't. There is completely open access to view any of the Results, Fixtures, Tables, Player Averages. You only need a Username and Password to input match results.

3.  Can I look at results, averages and league tables for previous seasons?
Yes you can. We have records going back to 2014 online. In the bottom right hand corner you will see a 'LIVE' button. Click on that and select the season you wish to view. Click on it again and select 'LIVE' to return to the current season.

4.  I play in four leagues who all use Bowlsnet is there a quick way to gain access to them all?
Yes there is. Go to and click on 'My Bowlsnet' and from there you can select each of the leagues you want to follow. Add that page to your favourites and then they will all be waiting for you each time you access that favourites link. This will also provide you with a complete record of every match you have played this season providing season-long totals.

5.  Can I use Bowlsnet on my smartphone and tablet?
Yes you can. Use your smartphone or tablet browser, connect to  Bowlsnet as normal as the site is now even more mobile friendly. You can also set up 'My Bowlsnet' as per the instructions in FAQ 4.

6.  Can I view Singles and Pairs results and averages separately and Combined?
Yes you can. All singles, Pairs and Combined averages are available from within the 'Averages' menu button. So select AVERAGES from the top left menu. If you are just wanting averages for one team then select TEAM from top right menu and then select the team name. Go to the right hand menu in the top line and select ALL for combined totals. Select the single button or pairs button as you require.

7.  What does the orange shading on match results signify?
This indicates that this team has still to VERIFY that match result. That is the equivalent of signing the Result Card to confirm the result. The result is still posted but this verifying tidies up the administration of that match.

8.  How can a bowler's record show Played 20 Won 9 Lost 10? It doesn't add up.
Where a bowler has been gifted a match 21-0 by a Walk-Over that bowler gets credited with playing the match but does not get credited with a 21-0 scoreline to boost their average. Hence the difference in that total. If you look back over that bowler's results for the season you will find that they had a Walk-Over match at some point.

9.  Can I make the text bigger on Bowlsnet?
Yes you can. Use the + and - buttons on the top right hand menu.

Bowlsnet FAQ for Results Inputting

Q. Do I need to enter results using BowlsNet?
A. Results are entered via BowlsNet, either by captains or the League Secretary - that is up to you. You have four other ways to submit your match results all listed under Results Reporting on this website.

Q. So Captains must have Internet Access now?
A. Again absolutely not. A captain with no Internet access has several options. The first is to post their results to the League Secretary in the traditional manner or use one of the other three methods of submitting results listed on Results Reporting. There is also the option to assign the task of updating BowlsNet to another member of their team to do it on their behalf.

Q. But the Fixture Secretary doesn't get to see the signed Match sheet?
A. Pressing the Confirm this is a true and accurate record button is the electronic version of the Captain's signature, and both Captains must verify the result is correct.

Q. What if a Captain goes to enter a result but can't find a player in the drop-down lists.
A. A player will only be listed if they have been registered and are marked as eligible for the relevant team.  You must contact the League Secretary to add new bowler registrations. He will ask you for the player names and BCGBA number and date of birth. You can still submit that result by entering the player as {A.N.Other} and then contact your League Secretary, who may choose to add the player or decide that the player is not eligible and a walk-over needs entering instead.

Q. What if a Captain goes to Verify a result but finds it to be inaccurate.
A. Only the League Secretary can change a result once it has been entered and verified. Contact him with the details.

Q. Are paper copies still required?
A. Only for your records. Many clubs still use the old Result Cards for this purpose and these are still available free of charge from the League Secretary.

Q. Are there security concerns with regard to captains or clubs tampering with results?
A. No. The Verification Process ensures that Captains only enter results they are absolutely happy with. Once verified, results cannot be changed or edited (apart from by the League Secretary). Results that have not been verified will always remain highlighted in Orange so they cannot be missed.



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A Step-by-Step Guide to setting up your personalised individual playing record on one page regardless of how many leagues you play in.


1. Click on the Bowlsnet Website link alongside and then click on MY BOWLSNET.

3. Scroll down to find a League that you bowl in and then click on that name.

3.  Add all the Leagues you play in by clicking on their names.

4.  If the League is not live at the moment then the link will not work - add it later when the League website is live.

4.  Click on MY LEAGUES from the top right menu.


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